Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations (All My Transformations)

So I wanted to try this Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations product that I read about a few months ago in Better Homes & Gardens. I decided to try it on something pretty innocuous (and that I didn't mind ruining, in case it didn't work out), so I did the two dressers in our bedroom. I used the Tudor color, which is a dark brown color. It has an undertone of purple, just FYI. But my favorite color happens to be purple, so this worked out for me.

I left the doors on the armoire (I didn't want to waste time and energy painting the inside of the doors, who ever sees them but me?!), I removed the drawers in the dresser, we moved the furniture to the garage, and I got started.

First you wipe on the chemical stripper (deglosser, they call it). I did two coats of the paint color (bond coat) after that.  This product kind of has the texture of an oil-based paint/stain, but this product is water-based). I didn't use the glaze. It is a lot of work and time-consuming, but the pieces all turned out great.

Here is an after and then the before:

The after: 

This is before:

I removed the old wooden knobs on both pieces of furniture and bought acrylic ones at Home Depot that look like glass. They turned out great!

Then I decided to embark on two bathroom vanities. These were done in Tudor, as well (I didn't use the glaze). Here is the after:

This is the before (I just attached one before bath photo since both bathrooms had the same counter and cabinetry):

And, last but not least, my gorgeous kitchen. I used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in black (no glaze) on the perimeter cabinets and Quilter's White with glaze on the island. More pics of my gorgeous kitchen can be found here: http://lipstickandabradnailer.blogspot.com/2012/07/finished-kitchen.html. Here is the after of my kitchen:

Here is the before:

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