Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finished Pantry

Our old pantry had the cheap wire shelving, that most pantries tend to have. After a few years of holding heavy cases of water, etc., the shelves were sagging. We decided to replace them with these from Lowe's. They are the Allen + Roth White Wood Closet Shelves. It should be noted these are not white white, but more of a cream. If you are trying to match something white, they most likely won't match. The shelves are good quality, durable, and will hopefully be able to hold our water, etc. with no problems. I like the brackets. They look modern. The good thing is they are 4" less deep than our old pantry shelves, which now gives us room to store our vacuum in here. My husband painted the inside of the pantry with Benjamin Moore Pismo Dunes paint.

Here are pics:

Finished Laundry Room

Yay! We decided to add cabinets to our laundry room. Our laundry room functions as the combination pet/laundry room, so we wanted it to be more functional. It was my genius husband's idea to also add the end pantries in order to maximize our storage space. Great idea! We love them. The cabinets are the white ones from Home Depot (stock cabinets right off the shelf). The crown moulding and toe kick are also sold separately and match the cabinets exactly. Wall color is Benjamin Moore Pismo Dunes. Here is the after:

Here are the befores:

It was my husband's brilliant idea to design this "cabinet stand" which he used to set each cabinet on at the right wall height so he (or I) wouldn't have to hold it while he was installing it.

My favorite part of our new laundry room is the cat door to the kitty litter, hidden away in the pantry. My husband cut a hole in the pantry, and we added the moulding around it. I painted the paw prints on the wall with a stencil. The dog bowls are huge and hold 5 qts, I think. We have 3 dogs, so we wanted large capacity. We got rid of the double dog bowls we had previously. The rug is from Overstock. The art is from Pier 1. The dog bowls are from They are adjustable and go up or down, depending on dog height.