Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boring, Exposed End Cabinets Suck the Big One!

For some reason, I couldn't stand how the exposed end cabinets in the kitchen had no oomph or character to them. Add moulding! That's always the answer to adding character, isn't it? Yesterday, I put all the trim on the end cabinets. Today, I filled the gaps with joint compound (easier to work with for me than caulk) and then painted them. I did two coats with the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations product (in black), and it still did not cover it! I will need to do at least one more coat on the trim. When I painted my cabinets with the Rustoleum product, I only needed two coats. This foam moulding doesn't take paint that well. It is paintable, but it just requires more paint and more work. Here is the Rustoleum product (base coat) with the thin foam brush I used:

Here's one coat of the Rustoleum product:

Looks scary, doesn't it?! Here are two coats:

Still doesn't look great, but we're getting there. Hopefully the moulding will only need one more coat of the paint. We are one step closer to finishing this kitchen renovation!

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