Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not All Caulks are Created Equal

I learned an important lesson today, my friends. Caulk comes in different kinds of containers. This is what I bought to use today:

Notice it is in the garbage can. This is because apparently I bought the wrong caulk. The type of caulk is right, an acrylic silicone caulk. The container is wrong. This comes in a cardboard cylindrical container which is not squeezable. It must be used in a caulking gun (which we have). I just don't know how to use a caulking gun. I'm sure it's not that difficult, but I just don't want to learn right now.  I couldn't exactly return an opened tube of caulk to Home Depot (although I'm sure people have tried to do it before, haha!), so in the garbage it went.

Then I went out to buy this:

It is also a tube of caulk, but this comes in a squeezable container (like toothpaste), so I can just squeeze it on and it doesn't require a gun. Little bit of a setback today, but I am learning.

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