Saturday, January 4, 2014

Me Smooth Elos Laser Hair Removal Review

Until now, I have not done a beauty post on this blog, even though it's called "Lipstick and a Brad Nailer." I think it's time to start.

I have always wanted to do spa treatments for laser hair removal, but I always considered them too expensive. Enter the Me Smooth Elos (not available in the U.S. until April 26, 2013, when it debuted on the QVC network). My cat is considering laser hair removal for herself.

So above is the device, which is essentially a handheld unit that you glide over the areas on your body where you want the hair to be removed. It is easy and effective, and sells for $395. QVC had an introductory price of $327. You are supposed to use the device weekly for 7 weeks, then use monthly (or as needed) thereafter. I started using the device at the beginning of May 2013.

I bought these protective glasses (which protect from red-light laser light at the level of nanometers that the machine uses). The glasses have metal lenses. They were $130 at a medical supply store on the internet, but well-worth it in my mind since this is your eyes we're talking about, and safety is #1. The Me manual does not state that protective eyewear must be used, but it does warn against looking directly at the light beam. So I figured it's better to be safe than sorry and bought the glasses....

I, unfortunately, did not take a before picture of my body hair. I am in my 40s with fair skin, a natural brunette with brunette body hair. As I've gotten older, I've noticed that my hair grows more sparsely and more slowly. My body hair is not really thick (except for my bikini line). I used the Me Elos on my bikini line, legs, underarms, and eyebrows (to shape them). According to the manufacturer, this should not be used on the face (per the FDA), but the device has been approved for facial use overseas. I decided to take my chances.

Here is a picture of my leg hair after one treatment, with hair growth of one week:

There is hardly any hair that you can see here.

Here is a picture of my leg after two Me Elos laser hair removal treatments (how much growth after two treatments, with hair growth of one week):

Once again, it is hard to see the hair.

Here is my leg again, after three treatments, with hair growth of one week:

Here is my leg after four treatments, with hair growth of one week:

Here is my leg after 5 treatments, with hair growth of one week:

You can see two little hairs in the middle of the leg. That's all I could see that grew back.

Here is the other leg. I can only see one hair on it:

You are supposed to wait a month to do maintenance treatments after the initial 7 treatments (and then do treatments monthly thereafter), but I have done the treatments weekly since I bought the device (and am still doing them).

As far as success, this is how well the device has removed hair from my body, in order of success:

1)         legs
2)         eyebrow hair
3)         underarms
4)         bikini line

The bikini line is stubborn, but there is hardly any hair left in that area (after treatments of about 8 months). The hair is much finer than it was. I continue to do treatments weekly on the underarm area and on the bikini line. However, there is very little hair left on the underarm area, so I can see myself being able to stop weekly treatments soon. I no longer do frequent treatments on the eyebrow area either. I do it occasionally as I see hair grow back. I do cover the hair I do not want removed on my eyebrows with duct tape, though. I don't want to chance going completely bald in my eyebrows. And I make sure to wear the protective glasses always (especially in the eye area!) when I use the device. You don't want to risk possible blindness! (Not that this would happen, but high-powered light that close to your retinas can't possibly be good for your eyes!)

I highly recommend this device! Even if you have more frequent, coarse, or stubborn hair growth than me, I feel like any improvement in slowing down hair growth is worth the cost of the machine!

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  1. Thank You for this review! today I just purchased the Me smooth and live in the US. I noticed the website says safe for face and body. And I want to use it on my neck. So hoping it will work well. Your results are AhMazing! and with so many devices to choose from, it was hard to choose! I am soo thankful I bought it now. Your results are just what I was hoping for :-) Thank you!!!