Thursday, August 2, 2012

Palm Tree Painted on Half Bath Wall

So when we moved in our home, our half bath had this big, blank wall when you walked in. It drove me nuts. So I bought one of those sticky vinyl decals that you stick on the wall. It was 7 feet high. This would fill the wall up nicely. Unfortunately, it was a white, shiny  material, and my hubby hated it. So away it had to go!

The only problem was in removing it (in my haste), I hurried to rip it off, and damaged the wall in the process. (I have since learned that to remove these wall decals, aiming a hair dryer at it will make it come off without ripping off the wall.)  I had to use a lot of joint compound to make it look smooth again. Then, after i used the joint compound in certain areas, the outline of the palm tree decal was still on the wall. So I decided to just use regular paint and paint in the outline so it would look like I had done a huge mural! (Except, of course, I cheated, it was really the decal that helped me do this.) The bathroom wall color is Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray, and the palm tree is painted with Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe paint.

If you are able to just draw a palm tree freehand (I am not), by all means, that would save you the aggravation of tracing something. But if you can't draw a palm tree freehand and you want this look and don't want to stick something on your wall that could possible ruin it when you remove it someday, buy one of those vinyl wall decals and just trace it. I think it was around $30 for the decal (bought on

I really like the effect it gives the room. It makes it more interesting.

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  1. I love what you did with the bathroom, the palm tree is an absolute piece of art. I will go these exact colors with my wife's bathroom that I am renovating right now. Can you post pictures of the flooring ? What kind it is ? I will post some pictures of mine once completed.. Thanks and great job... Michael....